Transport services

Tanker transport of liquid chemicals

We are engaged in domestic and international tanker transportation of liquid chemicals / ADR in any quantity. We are holders of all valid permissions for hazardous substances management and we have extensive experience in transport of caustic, toxic, heated and oxidizing liquids.

We provide transport in ADR tanks using specialized ADR tankers and tank containers approved for 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 classes.

Advantages of tank transport from Stratmann Ltd.:

  • We have long-time experience in ADR tanker transport and we are fully qualified for this specialization.
  • We have reliable equipment and modern technologies for safe transport of hazardous substances, even over long distances.
  • Our organization of logistics is highly efficient and our shippers are flexible. Therefore, it can not happen that we would not find a resolution of tanker transport for each client.
  • We pay attention to being environmentally friendly in all respects.

Transport of loose materials

Our portfolio of services also includes transport of loose materials, such as agricultural commodities, plastics, fertilizers, sand, gravel and other construction materials. We are fully equipped for both transport by food tanks and containers and for transport of hazardous materials that we deliver to a place of destination in the shortest possible time. Of course, tarpaulin semi-trailers can be used for transport of loose materials.

Our equipment in combination with experience of our reliable staff is guarantee that you will receive services of the highest quality.


If you need to transport a freight over long distances, which is very expensive when using only road transport, we have a resolution for you even in this situation. Combined transport takes all advantages of various kinds of transport (road, rail and ship) and moreover risk of a traffic accident or delay due to a tailback is eliminated thanks to it. And not only that. Combined transport is a modern resolution of transport over long distances that burdens environment and traffic density on roads and highways less. Last but not least, you reduce costs of transport of loose materials, liquids or hazardous substances when use this service. Combined transport has unquestionable advantages for distances more than 500 km, we can add even reliability, speed, expertise, experience and maximum customer care of our team. You will always be informed where your cargo is at that moment and when you can wait for it in a place of destination.

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